The Day I Learnt To Stop Comparing Myself

I have always compared myself to others, as I have got older and more confident in my own skin I do it less but never the less it has massively affected my confidence at times. When I took the plunge and decided to learn a new skill and do a baby massage course, the voice in my head started again. I would look at other people in my industry, and worry that I wasn’t as good as them. This fear stopped me at times from moving my business forward and reaching my dreams.

That was until one day, when I was invited on a nurture day with Blossom and Berry, the company that trained me.

I was nervous at one point, I thought, shall I not go? What if no one talks to me? What it we get into groups and I left on my own?

When I arrived, although I had been so nervous, I met up with the other women and I felt instantly at ease. I had been stressing about nothing.

One thing we had to do was put a post it note on someone’s back, writing what we thought about them. My heart dropped and the old fears came back, it filled me with dread, I thought that no one would put anything on my back.

When I found out they did I burst into tears.

They described me as friendly, free, knowledgeable, kind and positive. I had always wanted people to see me this way so it was overwhelming to find out that they did.

I am used to spending my time comparing myself to others, oh I haven’t done that it my class, or my class isn’t as full as that ladies, oh I like that Facebook comment… The list goes on and on and sometimes I find I have wasted my day by not doing anything by comparing myself.

On that day I learnt that I everyone the same, while I wasted my time comparing myself to others, they were wasting theirs comparing themselves to me. We are in fact all supportive of each other, we maybe are at different stages but we are all doing well. I know we all compare things in our life but we should reward ourselves for doing well, rather that beating ourselves up.

Gayle, the leader of Blossom and Berry, had some wool and placed it around all of our wrists saying the we are all connected, this also made me cry as I finally felt that I was part of a group.

We are lucky to have found a wonderful teacher in Gayle, who created this wonderful Facebook group of supportive ladies; there comments and words of wisdom have helped me when some days I have wanted to give up and get a ‘normal’ job. But the encouragement given us told me never to give up.

My quote of the day is “It is not waiting for the storm to pass, it is about dancing in the rain.”

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