Sleep Packages

There are many challenges throughout the journey of parenthood but sleep deprivation is one most difficult to deal cope with. It can affect your moods health, well being and your relationships.

Sleep does not have to be a struggle each child is unique and special every family’s needs are different. When it comes to helping their children sleep.

My approach is gentle and holistic and no cry it out methods are used.

I also believe that that a solution to a sleep problem must take into account the particular families environment, needs and expectations.

Book a free 15 Discovery call to find out the best sleep solutions for you and your baby.


Options Available:

Package Package Disruption Price
Package 1 30 minute Discovery call, Personalised sleep plan, Two week follow up Review calls – 30 min calls, Two-week email support / whatsapp / text £100.00
Package 2 30-minute Discovery call, Personalised sleep plan, Four -week follow up calls 30 minutes, Four -week email support / whatsapp / text, Bedtime massage routine £200.00
Siblings Sleep To help you cope with more than one problem, 30-minute discovery call, Personalised sleep plan for each child, 4 week follow up Review calls 30 minutes, 4 week e mail/ call / whatsapp support £250.00
New-born Settling In 30-minute discovery call, Phone or e-mail consultation to discuss feeding sleeping routines from the start, How to create the best sleep environment for your baby, A basic gentle routine £80.00
One off Consultation phone / zoom 1 hour For those parents who would like to discuss sleep problems that may easily be resolved via a phone call conversation who do not require a personalised sleep plan or follow up support. Also perfect for retuning clients. £50.00

Home Visits can also be arranged.

Email option – £40

Used for quick simple specific sleep queries that can be answered by email.


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