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Treatment Approx. duration Price
Beauty treatments
Paraffin wax treatment 30 mins £20.00
Cleansing back treatment 45 mins £25.00
Age Resists facial 1 hour £45.00
Skin Quenching facial 1 hour £42.00
Winter rescue facial 1 Hour £48.00
Express Prescriptive 30 mins £24.00
Back, shoulders & neck massage 20 mins £25.00
Full body massage 1 hour £40.00
Spring in your step Foot soak, mask, leg and foot massage 30 mins £15.00
High 5 restoring hand soak, mask arm and hand massage 30 mins £15.00
Lava shell back massage approximately 30 mins 26.00
Lava shell back legs and arms approximately 60 mins £40.00
Alternative treatments
Reiki treatment 1 Hour £25.00
For pregnant and new mothers
Mums to be treatments (from 3 months onwards) – back, neck and shoulder massage with a mini facial 1 hour £40.00
Baby Massage 5 week course £50.00 ( £10 per wk)
5 Week Baby Yoga Classes 5 week course £50.00 ( £10 per wk)
5 week Learn Play and Stretch 5 week course £50.00 ( £10 per wk)
Sleep settle and soothe approx 1 hour 30mins £45.00
Colic workshop approx 1 hour 30mins £35.00
Massage Adventure £50.00 for five weeks (£10.00 per week)
Baby Massage and Nurture
Baby Massage and Nurture Treatment Settling Techniques, Baby Sleep questions and answers session, Breakfast Included, Goody bag to take home. £25.00
Sleep Packages
Package 1 30 minute Discovery call, Personalised sleep plan, Two week follow up Review calls – 30 min calls, Two-week email support / whatsapp / text £100.00
Package 2 30-minute Discovery call, Personalised sleep plan, Four -week follow up calls 30 minutes, Four -week email support / whatsapp / text, Bedtime massage routine £200.00
Siblings Sleep To help you cope with more than one problem, 30-minute discovery call, Personalised sleep plan for each child, 4 week follow up Review calls 30 minutes, 4 week e mail/ call / whatsapp support £250.00
New-born Settling In 30-minute discovery call, Phone or e-mail consultation to discuss feeding sleeping routines from the start, How to create the best sleep environment for your baby, A basic gentle routine £80.00
One off Consultation phone / zoom 1 hour For those parents who would like to discuss sleep problems that may easily be resolved via a phone call conversation who do not require a personalised sleep plan or follow up support. Also perfect for retuning clients. £50.00
Adult Sleep Package Free 15- minute discovery call, Completion of sleep questionnaire, 1 Half an Hour Consultation Skype Video chat and Personalised sleep plan, 2 week e mail of what’s app support, 2 week follow up call, Sleep log tracking, Relaxation Techniques, Aromatherapy £200.00
Bedtime Workshop
Bedtime Treatment Leg / foot massages, Sleepy strokes for the face, Relaxing back massage, Candles, Soft music, 30/40 Minutes £10.00


Story Stretch Yoga 1 Hour £60.00 for 6 weeks
Preschool Yoga Suitable for 2 to 4 years old 45 mins £40.00 for 5 weeks
Groovaroo Warm up dance, Dance, Cool down £60.00 for 6 week course
Massage Music and Movement
Massage Music & Movement 4 weeks £40.00
Learn Play and Stretch Messy Play
Learn Play & Stretch Messy Play 4 weeks £40.00

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