What is Groovaroo

Is a Baby wearing dance class where you simply dance with your baby in a sling or carrier. It doesn’t matter how your dance it is how you feel when you dance.

We consider our baby our dance partner. We face our babies in for that heart to heart connection

Why wear your baby

Mimics the womb Heartbeat Regulation Hear voice, Feels rhythms of the mothers or caregivers Movement.


The class is appropriate from beginners to intermediate. we will be doing fun easy community dances with the emphasis on creating a safe, sacred and soulful experience for you and your baby.

You will need a wide based carrier, or a sling please do not use a ring sling as they are not suitable for these classes. If you have any concerns about your carrier please get in touch.

Classes are suitable for babies from 6/8 weeks after the baby’s 6/8 week check

What to expect from a Groovaroo class?

Welcome Circle and we set out intention for the class we do some stretches

Warm up dance
Cool down

£60.00 for 6 week course

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