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Eve Taylor is the founder of the institute of Clinical Aromatherapy and regarded as the pioneer of modern aromatherapy. Respected by professional skin care therapists and esthetician worldwide for more than 40 years.

Eve Taylor products are only available through salon spa and professional therapists. Your therapists can offer professional home care advice and recommendation to ensure you get the right product for the right reason to benefit and maintain a regime appropriate to your skin care needs. Eve Taylor products follow a criteria of being naturally safe and effective and adopt a contamination free packaging concept. They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrance.

With over 4 decades of skincare knowledge and experience delivering products that unite the very best of the plant essences with the needs of the skin. You can be sure that you are providing your skin with the consideration it deserves.

Age Resist Facial

The age resist facial is created for clients in their younger years concerned with intrinsic and extrinsic skin ageing. Using potent formulations clients will see a noticeable difference after one treatment, especially when combined with electrotherapy,
Skin type/condition:
Ageing and pre-maturely ageing skin. Age range 25 -50 years.

Skin Quenching Facial

Restore hydration to your skin with our Skin Quenching Facial. Plumps the skin and softens fine lines with moisture infusing hydrators. Ideal for parched post-holiday skin, or to prep skin before summer getaways. (60 minutes).

Winter Rescue Facial

Winter Rescue Facial relieves your skin from redness, irritation and dryness this season. With the cosy warmth of steam towels and nutrient rich oatmeal your skin will be left soothed, hydrated and nourished. (60 minutes).

Express Prescriptive Facial (30 minutes)

This mini treatment will refresh the skin with aromatic cleansers then buff away dulling skin cells. A rapidly working masque will infuse the skin with nourishment before hydrating moisturisers protecttheskin.(30 minutes).

Here is our current price list for the services above. If you have any questions or want to make a booking, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tel: 07961 013 415 or email: trish@scentelation.co.uk

Treatment Approx. duration Price
Age Resists facial 1 hour £45.00
Skin quenching facial 1 hour £42.00
Winter rescue facial 1 hour £48.00
Express Prescriptive 30 mins £24.00

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