The Day I Learnt To Stop Comparing Myself

I have always compared myself to others, as I have got older and more confident in my own skin I do it less but never the less it has massively affected my confidence at times. When I took the plunge and decided to learn a new skill and do a baby massage course, the voice in my head started again. I would look at other people in my industry, and worry that I wasn’t as good as them. This fear stopped me at times from moving my business forward and reaching my dreams.

That was until one day, when I was invited on a nurture day with Blossom and Berry, the company that trained me.

I was nervous at one point, I thought, shall I not go? What if no one talks to me? What it we get into groups and I left on my own?

When I arrived, although I had been so nervous, I met up with the other women and I felt instantly at ease. I had been stressing about nothing.

One thing we had to do was put a post it note on someone’s back, writing what we thought about them. My heart dropped and the … Read More

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